Corporate purposes


Take the enterprise as the priority, take the society as its own responsibility, create wealth, and improve oneself.

Enterprise spirit


Pay attention to product quality, reduce production costs, carry forward team spirit, and create a brilliant future together.

Strategic policy


Win by quality, adjust the structure, broaden the market, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Quality policy


People-oriented, quality competition, overall optimization, continuous improvement.

People oriented


In response to corporate management requirements and product quality requirements, organize employees to conduct training on basic knowledge of laws, regulations, and quality system documents to improve their overall quality, form a new mechanism and effective measures to educate and employ personnel, and continue to adapt to the requirements of the market and corporate development .

Quality competition


Be market-oriented, create a brand strategy, use corrective and preventive measures, and product protection measures to identify and implement product requirements, win by quality, and achieve customer satisfaction.

Overall optimization


Arming team building with a brand-new corporate culture and spirit, establishing corporate system innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, and promoting continuous, rapid and healthy development of the enterprise, integrating culture into quality and quality into the market to achieve customer satisfaction.

Keep improve


Seek development by innovation, continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality system, product performance, customer service, etc., and continuously introduce competitive products to achieve customer satisfaction.

Business philosophy


Excellent quality, reasonable price, timely delivery and satisfactory service.

Create a healthy and rich life


It means that we will continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, make customers proud, provide the space and rewards employees expect, and make employees proud.

Customers are our eternal partners


① Customers are a rare resource and the whole reason for our existence.

② Respect customers, understand customers, provide products and services that customers expect, and guide an active and healthy modern lifestyle. This is the philosophy we have always insisted on and advocated.

③ In the eyes of customers, each of our employees represents Zhejiang Ruikai Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

④ Our 1% mistakes are 100% losses for customers.

⑤ An important criterion for measuring our success is the degree to which we make customers satisfied.